“The mortal enemy of the church is self promotion.” Heide Baker

God promoting you is way cooler than  you promoting yourself, cheaper too.

So how do we promote ministry? We promote others first.
Find a ministry that God is smiling on and you smile on it too.
If there is a ministry that has blessed you beyond belief, volunteer with them. Let others know about that ministry.
Talk about that ministry and not yours.  It’s a whole lot easier to promote others than promoting yourself.

Phillipians 2 in the Message version.  It is worth the read and its about giving others the leg up and not your own.  Of course we are to protect our interest but we are to stand up for others, look out for the lost.

I like the way Mother Teresa did it.  She never promoted her ministry, she promoted JESUS.  She saw Jesus in every person she met.  She promoted Jesus and Jesus promoted her.

  • Write your blogs, sermons, books, music go ahead and do what God has called you to do.
  • Instead of you speaking at your church’s event ask someone else to.  In fact, purposely start promoting some of your younger generation. I bet you got some amazing gifts right in front of you.
  • Instead of pleading with all your facebook friends to follow your blog, just post it for the world to see, attach a link on your facebook and twitter.  Your friends and people who read these things know what to do.

I believe in favor and faithfulness.
God gives you an area of influence, thats favor. It could be your home (it should start there anyway), your work, the nursery at church, the toddler class, the Mpact girls club, it could be women’s ministry bible study.  Be faithful to whatever area of influence you have. The more faithful you are the more influence you get.