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The post “self promotion part 1” ended with “Favor and Faithfulness.” The idea is the more faithful you are to the favor (influence) God has given, you the more faithful God is to giving you more favor.  They go hand in hand.  Take care of where God has placed you and God takes care of expanding the place.

Here’s some tips to follow through on this. (chew on them, visualize them in your situation, implement them)

Don’t despise small beginnings

They are the best teachers.  You learn to be comfortable in your own skin.  Epic fails are whole lot easier  get up from with a smaller audience. It’s a lot harder to lead worship or take up an offering or do a fund raiser with a small group of ladies than a larger one.   I grew up in Florida and I like to surf.  Well every surfer knows Florida is not known for it’s epic waves. Small waves that’s what we got.  However great surfers come from Florida, (ask any surfer about Kelly Slater, a legend) How can that be?  They learn to get the most out of the small waves and short rides.  When they actually do ride the big waves they pull off way more stunts and their rides just look epic.  It’s the same here. Don’t despise small beginnings. Smaller groups can change directions a whole lot faster than larger ones and you will learn the skill of leading a whole lot quicker without as many headaches. Hmmm faster learning – fewer headaches – sounds good to me.

Go to the edge of your influence and no further.

Stay within your ministry, but within your ministry go all out.  Push the envelop.  I have a mandate for those I mentor and that is 3 fails in one year.  I’m not talking about moral failures, I’m talking about taking some risks.  Stay within your ministry, your area of influence and get out of your comfort zone.  Think about this: Did you learn more in your success or in your failures?  I learn way more when I fail.  When you take the risk stay within your place, it’s a whole lot more forgiving.

Step out of yourself and step into God.
This is a little take from the last tip. If your taking risks your no longer leaning into your own strength your leaning into God’s. This keeps you humble and humble is the place to be.  You won’t be promoting yourself, you’ll be promoting His faithfulness.

Stay in your place.
I believe in commitment. If you volunteer with every ministry in the church then really how much are you really giving to the ministry God has called you to?  This is a biggie for those who don’t know the anointed word of “NO.” You’ll know your in  your place if your experiencing provision, protection and power. Marsha Woolley has a great sermon on this very subject.  Maybe we can get her to post that.

Growing influence might mean giving up position
(and power to a younger one) if God is changing your area of influence (Hay it might be getting bigger) then your going to have to let go of some things and turn it over to someone else.  God might be moving you to a different area of influence.  I personally started ministry in a preschool, I went to the middle school age on Sunday mornings, then God moved me into the Teen Girls ministries which had me in jails, schools everywhere.  Then at last women’s ministry. What did I do first thing in this new ministry.  I set up chairs, I mopped and cleaned the bathrooms. But I was faithful to that.

What’s your leaders vision?
This is really where the rubber meets the road.  If your vision is different from your leaders vision, you change your vision.  Don’t try to change the leaders vision, (remember staying in your place) that’s God’s place.  We hear all the time about the Worship Leaders wanting to do their own thing and how inappropriate that is.  Well, it’s no different in Women’s Ministry.  What’s your pastor’s vision?  What’s your Section’s Representative’s vision?  What’s Marsha Woolley (the Women’s Director for PenFlorida District) vision? IF you don’t know call them and ask? And then submit to it.  Just because you don’t like the Section Event or the Fall Breakaway doesn’t mean you are to go out there and start your own! That’s getting off course.  Really how can God, who honors the authority He has put in your life, bless that too?

Go put into action the tips and then watch as God gives you more favor.