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Owning your Leader’s vision is a really great strategy to keep you from self promoting. 

1. God has anointed your pastor as the leader of your church

Think about it.  God is the one putting people in position.  He lines up their personalities with the task at hand.  They have a vision, a burden for them to carry out.  You have a part to serve in that vision it’s your spiritual response-ability.  God will give you the ability to respond to it.  2 visions make a Di-vision.  Make it your goal to serve and honor those God has placed in authority of your life.  A lot of harm is done when the Women’s Ministry Leader won’t carry out or honor the Pastor’s vision. Find out what that vision is and own it as your own.  

Action step: find out from your Pastor (or your women’s ministry leader)what’s their vision, what’s the heart of their ministry. 

2. Submitting to and serving someone else’s vision builds humility and maturity

Ever get around someone that thinks the know it all. It can be so frustrating.  Submission is the last thing on their plate. We all have dreams we want to pursue. Sometimes we even think we know the best way to pursue them. I honestly believe God strategically places us in positions to mature us and the fastest way to do that is learn to honor your leaders. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t like how some leaders abuse their position, but that’s a different post. When it is time to step out and pursue the dream/vision God has given you there will be people that will have to follow you.  Do you want a bunch of “you’s” on that team?  Value  your leader’s vision they way you would want your team to honor yours.  When you serve someone’s else vision you will gain a much more realistic perspective on what it means to serve and lead. Learn to make others look good, that the essence of washing feet.  Serve humbly and serve well.

Action step: After you find out the vision, sit down with your team and come up with ways your ministry department can support and encourage that vision and then implement them.