Paradigms that produce fruit (part 1)

A paradigm is a way of thinking. Your way of thinking good or bad will produce fruit.  Here are just some paradigms that will produce short term and long term fruit in God’s Kingdom.  The kind of fruit He enjoys, and really isn’t that what we are doing all this for, His smile? Ask the Holy Spirit to transform your mind to Christ mind, to Christ love and to Christ’s service, nothing speaks louder than the power of the Holy Spirit in all the things we do. It  is the Holy Spirit that causes the paradigm shifts so let’s call out to Him. 

Constant Refining 

Don’t be the ministry that has arrived. We don’t need to change fundamentals but we do need to stay abreast with contemporary circumstances.  Stay relevant or else stagnant and die. Thinking you got it all together is a trap of the enemy.  “Be careful where you stand, lest you fall.”  The ministry is about connecting God to the world, and the world lives on shifting sand.  You know at one point in the history of the church, slavery was an accepted idea.  Today that would be preposterous.

Action step:

Ask your team after the event “What did we do right?”  “What did we do wrong?” and “Do we do it again?” and then listen to them.  There is no right or wrong answers.  Why ask them anything if you disregard their answers. 

Recruit the demographics to your core team, the different generations, the different cultures, the different ideas. When you do this, they will help you stay relevant. They will also keep you on your knees and isn’t that where we need to be anyway? Then listen to them and empower them.   Nothing like asking the younger generation’s opinion then after you get it you dismiss them as ignorant. Why would they want to come back after that?

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