Imparting God’s Word

 Be Committed to Transformation!

Let’s be committed to training women beyond just surface concepts. This is where we need to meet women right where they are.  Be very strategic to study scriptures at their level.  I know there are women that want the really deep things of God, we also have to be available to those that are still wading in the shallow end.  Imparting means there will be transformation.  If the word is being imparted you will see people change.  It’s time to stop the bible studies that just teaches survival techniques and start imparting empowerment to overcome  all obstacles in their lives. Ministry isn’t a spiritual welfare program.  It’s time we teach more than just getting by. Be committed to, not only individual transformation, but also transformation in their particular area of influence. Not every one is called to the ministry.  Some are called to work in the Justice department, a school teacher, an artist, a nurse, and the list goes on. Have Bible studies that will empower them to transform those areas of our culture. For instance, if you have women business owners, a bible study on Biblical Business Practices is definitely in order.  We will be discussing at a later post Bible Studies that transform, individuals, families, churches and even the entire cities. 

Action Step:  

If you haven’t started a bible study, start one (and guess what? There will be women that greatly oppose this, go figure in a church at that).  Not every one will attend that’s okay.  It could be a book club, or a coffeehouse conversation, even a monthly dinner party, or just have a weekly Bible Study.  It could be a focused group of women (such as school teachers, business owners, doctors and nurses, lawyers) and each week a different woman brings a devotion, they compile them to make a focused devotional book , to sell as a fund raiser.) There are also plenty of quality teachings out there, where all you do is press play on the dvd player and then discuss afterward.   (Caution: don’t reteach it after it is over, just discuss it.) Not every leader has the gift of teaching, find the teachers and empower them. 

Training UP!

We must train UP the younger women.  The key word here is UP! This means them growing and maturing.  It means them gettting up out of the pit and walking in the fullness of the Spirit.  This is a mentoring, thing.  I’m not talking about training level and making clones.  I’m talking about your ceilings will be their floors.  I’m talking about empowering those around you with God’s Word so much so they have no where to go but upward.  I’m talking about getting their eyes off of the circumstances and up to God.  I’m talking about getting them to look heavenward for help and not to you.  I’m talking about imparting God’s Word to them so much so they are going out changing the world with God’s love, mercy and compassion. I’m talking about getting in their corner and fighting for them, and teaching them to fight for others, instead of fighting each other.  Age is irrelevant here.  These women are your replacements, there should be no need for them to re-invent the wheel with each generation of believers.  Revival shouldn’t die with the generation.  This is imparting God’s word deep enough that it will transcend generations!

Action Step:  

Start a mentoring program.  If you want the younger adults there put yourself in their position. They are paid less, and the cost of living is higher. They can barely afford gas and they work all kinds of crazy hours.   If you want them to come start later and feed them.  Mentoring is more than a once a week bible study. It’s opening up your home and heart to them.  It’s modeling before them what is looks like to go through life as a godly woman. Be honest and transparent with them, this means you will make mistakes and you have problems. Show them what it looks like to go through them with Jesus.  This isn’t a “you” fan club.  You be their fans!  You cheer them on!  Your not replacing the parents God has given them your only supplementing.  Show them what the Word of God looks like in actions.  This is a women’s ministry thing, not an individual thing.  One woman can’t mentor the whole church.  Encourage other mature women to mentor. Then guard against the “Clone Wars.”

Marry the Word with the Power!

It’s unfortunate but for some reason there has been a separation of  Word and Power. There are some that only want the Word. Any study of God’s word that doesn’t lead you into an encounter with God only makes you religious.  1 Cor. 8:1 says “Knowledge puffs up…” The last thing anyone wants is a church full of religious prideful women running around. What we do want to see is a church full of women that is full of God’s Word, compelled by the compassionate love of Christ to walk in the power of that Word.  Some like the word only and steer clear of any moves of the Spirit.  They are all talk and no bite. Remember Jesus was filled with the Spirit before he went into the wilderness to be tempted. 

 Then there are some that want no part of the Word, just the goosebumps and manifest presence.(which is good too) They don’t want a preacher or teacher to stand up and say “open your bibles.” You can almost here the sigh of  “ugh do we have to, why did you have to ruin it.”  That just makes them weak and immature.  Jesus fought the devil with the Word!!  It was the Word of God that transformed the universe.  WE NEED BOTH!!!

 Here’s another way of putting it.  In college there are a lot of professors teaching business classes that have never actually owned or worked in a business.  Their teachings are based on ideas and not actual experience. There are some business owners out there that could use a class on management techniques or marketing strategies.  Even though they are in the business they could use a teaching or two. I good entrepreneur  will always be teachable and coachable and will experience the soundness of the teaching.

Action Step: 

Take a courageous look at your Bible Studies.  Be a player/coach, have other teachers up to bat! It might mean changing the batting order of the teacher.  Let them develop their own curriculum.  Testimonies are prophetic, give time to that.  The best sermons I have ever preached are the ones I have preached in the mirror!  Teach from experience, you’ll be a bit more passionate about it.  Bible studies that are committed to marrying the Power and the Word will need to depend solely on the Holy Spirit. YAY! because then only God get’s the Glory!!!  I like how Marsha Woolley coached me.  “Preach them hungry!”  Presenting the Word in such a way they are hungry for Him and His righteousness, His healing, His Good News.

If you have any other ways or thoughts about imparting God’s word to the Body of Christ leave a comment.