Growing Ministry without all the HYPE 

Partner with People who are always up to something BIG!
I always tell this: “You are who you hang out with.”  If you hang out with small minded people they will distract you from the Big visions God has given you.  Do stuff with people that think big, have a ton of integrity and serve up some crazy boldness.  Why? Because they are contagious.  We serve the God of impossibilities. So dream BIG, REALLY BIG, so big that when it happens no one will be able to say you did that.  They will say “Only God could have done that.”  God and only God gets the glory and not you nor the ministry. Really isn’t that all we want anyway?
You’ll know when God drops a seed of possibility in you because it will be bigger than you! In fact, ministry isn’t the “YOU SHOW”   You will need people, you will need a team to do the big stuff.  So get some big stuff people on that team. This is imperative for growing a ministry.  There is no hype in this. These kinds of people have faith and action! “Without faith it is impossible to please God.”  Getting these people on the team brings that God pleasing smile on the ministry and on them, YAY TEAM!  Partnering with people who think Big, will keep the rest of the team challenged and they will also see the increase. 

Remember with people who are always up to something big, may it be sanctified BIG! What I mean is steer clear of the self indulgent Christianity.  Get around people who see the overwhelming broken hearted people, the people hungry for a loving touch, the people that need mercy and truth.  You can’t heal their hearts, or feed them, or even heal them, BUT God can.  Somethings are just better caught than taught.  You get around people that are overwhelmed by the need for a Savior, guess what you catch that kind of vision too.  The scales on our eyes come off.  These people, including you can’t fix the situations, you can’t heal the sick, you can’t raise the dead, you can’t feed the poor, BUT the Holy Spirit can!  

Volunteer with bigger ministries.  In the AOG, in Florida there is the Women’s Ministry Department, find out what you can do to help them.  They are always up to something big!  Periodically meet with your Section Representative, call them and make an appointment to hang out with them.  Volunteer with them, ask them what you can do to help, how can your ministry be a part of something bigger than yourself.