Growing Ministry without all the HYPE: Speak Out

We really don’t need all the hype to grow a ministry.  Do you realize that the average 20 and 30 year old has been marketed to his/her ENTIRE life? We don’t need a lot of hype to get the ministry off the ground, and growing. We don’t need to fake it till we make it.  We don’t need a big marketing budget.
Marketing is everything you do! Mowing the church yard is marketing! It tells everyone that drives by you care about the way the church looks.  A nursery full of outdated broken used toys and full of lead paint or a crib next to the blind’s cord markets that you really don’t want children nor their mothers in your church.   I’m not talking about marketing here.  I’m talking about hyping up the service, event or even a bible study to make them sound or be so outlandish, or so Relevant, so “Starbucks-ish” that people will want to come.  Some of that is just out of the budget anyway.   
So how do we grow a ministry without all the hype?
Speak Out with Passion and Authority
The best sermons you’ll ever preach are the ones you preach to yourself.  Whatever feeds you will feed them.  Study your Bible for you! When you do this you will have a first hand experience of how alive and powerful God’s word is.  You will also have some authority on the subject because you lived it first hand!! If you try to teach something you haven’t gone through doesn’t that make you a hypocrite?  If you try to lead without passion it will just be, boring. 
This is evident with the “announcements” at church. (announcements is christian-eze for the notices of all the upcoming stuff in the church) If your passionate and  you have the skinny on what the vision or purpose of the upcoming event you will pull others into wanting to come to that event.  There is no hype in this.  Your just passionate about it,  you know when it is, you know where it is,  you even know the “why” it is.  You won’t stumble over those facts, and your enthusiasm is contagious.  Just remember keep the passion quick! 🙂 We have a tendency to go on and on about the things we love. The other side of the coin is no passion. I have seen the best events get no attendance because the announcements were passionless! Why would anyone want to go if the guy promoting it doesn’t want to go?  It will come across “HYPE” if you get someone to promote and their excitement is insincere.  Just be real, and send someone up there that is passionate about it.  Just coach them on how to keep it short and sweet!

It goes with evangelism.  The best evangelist are the ones that are passionate about Christ.  They have a love for God that is passionate and full of love for others.  They aren’t out there trying to get another number racked up for themselves.  They are compelled by this overwhelming compassion for people. These evangelist win people to the Lord without the hype.  They don’t need a road show or flashy lights to bring the love of Christ into people’s situation.  They step out of their comfort zones and step into the zone where Heaven meets Earth. They connect with people and lead them to a Savior King.  They don’t just talk about it, they do it.  They are passionate about the love of God, and wanting that love to spread through out their family, their city, their nation.  They build relationships, they include not exclude.  When we lift up Christ it will draw people.