Say it again

I’ll say it again...
Matthew 19:24
The master communicator, Jesus, had to say it again. That does two things for me. 1) I feel better already, repeating myself is okay, and the ladies I’m leading they are okay too and 2) I have an example to follow.
Jesus communicated the same message a lot.  He just expanded it and presented it differently. Going to the Cross was communicating the same message of “God so loved…” “I came to save…” was the same message of “God so loved…” Healing the lepers, blind, and crippled was the same message “God so loved…” Raising the dead was the same message of “God so loved…”
There is no hype in this.  Jesus, called himself a humble gentle teacher and he was okay with repeating himself.  We can learn from this: we can’t communicate the message too much.  I was asked one time when are you going to stop talking about this event? My reply was when it’s over.  No matter how many times you say it there is always someone that doesn’t get it.
We need to reinforce the message of hope to a lost and dying world, so you can never repeat it too much.  We need to repeat the availability of a Savior King and not tire in doing so.  Some just need to hear it more than others and nothing is wrong with that. It’s hard to trust someone when no one has ever come through for you. It doesn’t matter how compelling we may present this crucial message of love, if Jesus had to say it again so will we.
Jesus was “saying it again” to the disciples who He spent all his time with. If that was the case for Jesus, it will be the case with you. 
People get distracted.  If your living on the planet there are so much to be distracted by.  People loose focus, the sounds of life get loud.  The enthusiasm sometimes get lost in the actual application.  Communicate the message often.
You don’t have to be a broken record about it.  You can repeat the vision or the message over without being repetitive.  You can communicate the vision with variety.  You can find new and alternative ways to present the message. Just keep saying it. 
I can’t stress this enough with ministry leaders!  
When our message is such a powerful message of hope to a world full of hurt we have a mandate to SAY IT AGAIN!!  We have to say it not only with our mouths but with our lives!  We have to walk in the fullness of the power of God’s Word and “say it again.”  
When you have a message of love and a vision of spreading it all over the place. 
SAY IT AGAIN! You keep saying it till the whole team gets it!

Every time you reach out to the broken with a hug your saying it again.  
Every time you reach out with food for the hungry your saying it again.  
Every time you touch the untouchables you are saying it again!        
Every time you bring mercy to the afflicted you are saying it again!