3 results from a team that doesn’t get it

When a team, or ministry is not getting it, there are results.  They could be part of the signs, but I would rather you look at them as results.  Meaning, if you don’t do something about them, this is what you get.  It’s the if and then principle.  If you do this, then expect that.  If you watch your speed, then you won’t get a ticket.  The signs are just warning you something is off.  This is a list of what happens if you don’t see and heed the signs. 

1- Tired and burned out, fatigue – your team is tired.  

The excitement is gone.  They don’t have it in them like they used to.  Somewhere between starting and finishing (sometimes they don’t finish) they lost what the “it” was.  The lost sight of the vision.  They lost sight of the strategies.  Somewhere they got bogged down with tasks, performance or results that only the Holy Spirit could fulfill.   They might have tried to do a task outside their gifting or talents. As leaders we, on occasion, assign task outside their level of competence and now they are tired, frustrated and even exasperated with you and the ministry. They were crushed by the weight of unrealistic expectations from their leader. Their fight is gone. Their willingness to participate wavers.

2- Same ole, same ole which speaks boring! 

  If the team is afraid of stepping outside the box, then after a while the ministry will be the same ole same ole.  The attitude of “I won’t miss anything if I don’t go” will begin to rise up.  Yes it will have tradition to it, but letting tradition box in what the Holy Spirit is trying to do will have this result.  

The ministry becomes a rain cloud with no rain. 

When the Holy Spirit moves, and reveals the Kingdom of Heaven right here on Earth “IT” will be in no way considered “boring.”   There doesn’t have to be an Holy Spirit explosion every time the women gather.  The ministry needs to have signs of life.  

3- Exclusion 

Plain and simple ministry is about connecting God to people. Excluding people or people groups is a result of a team that doesn’t get it. It’s not purposefully done (well sometimes).  When the ministry gets so focused on the “do” and the “what” they forget the why.  The disciples did this to Jesus more than once.  The twins wanted to call thunder and lightening down on a town to destroy it.  They didn’t want to go back to Samaria, you know how them Samaritans are?  Peter argued about Jesus laying down His life, then chopped a guys ear off.  Jesus had this and so will you.