This week is going to be about the “doesn’t get it.” 

For instance, if the “it” is outreach, why aren’t they reaching out? That means they didn’t get it. 

Even Jesus had this going on.  His disciples sometimes just missed it. 

“Do you still not understand? Don’t you remember the five loaves for the five thousand, and how many basketfuls you gathered?

Matthew 16:9

3 Signs Your Team Doesn’t Get IT!  

1- Afraid to take risks, afraid to fail, afraid to make mistakes

They hesitate to do things differently.  They really struggle about getting outside their comfort zone.  It is like pulling teeth to get them to even consider trying doing the annual Christmas secret sister differently.  There is the whole “let’s pray about that one” and you know they are praying that God would say no. 

2- Waiting on God, much ado about nothing

 This is those that are waiting on God’s will to just fall into place, and not doing anything until it does.  Sometimes we spend so much time and effort trying to decipher the mysteries of God’s will that we don’t understand and totally forget about obeying the part of God’s will we do understand.  For instance: people are waiting for the perfect job to come along and never spend any time perfecting the job they do have. For ministry, the team is waiting on the perfect place and resources to go on a missions trip than just start reaching out to their own neighborhoods together.  

3-focus is on who is not there instead of who is there 

The team will focus and get frustrated at who in the church didn’t come.  They will speculate at all the reasons they didn’t come, and then if that wasn’t enough they will spend another exorbitant amount of time to stategize how to address those reasons and spend some more time implementing those strategies to get them to come.  Which is all well in good, however they spent less time on those that did come.