People in the Bible that didn’t get it

I have had some feedback and some interesting conversations about this series.  Those conversations has inspired this post; People in the Bible that didn’t get it.  You know the epic fails of the Bible.  I’m only going to list a few.  But please add to the list.

The purpose of this list is to remind ourselves we don’t get it all the time. If some of the leaders, true servants in the Bible missed it we can too.  God puts it this way “be careful where you stand lest you fall.” We can learn and grow from failures.

The list is in no particular order. 

1- Job’s friends! Boy did they not get it.  Well one of them did and of course it was the youngest one. HA! Here is this really sick guy, Job, who has lost everything, family, wealth and purpose. Enough to do you in, but he was hanging in there UNTIL the friends showed up. By the time they were done Job was wishing he had never been born.   Way to encourage guys! 

2- Lot’s wife really missed it.  What part of fire and brimstone falling out of the sky did she not understand.

3 – Abraham, Sara, and Hagar need I say more.

4 – Aaron made a gold calf to worship.  Aaron dude! Seriously?!!

Who do you know in the Bible that missed it?  Go ahead and leave a comment with your character that didn’t get it.