7 Things you can do to reduce complaints

We all have them. You know the “criticizer.”  They complain about everything. If that wasn’t enough, they are like arsenic in the water cooler, they spread it around to everyone. Before you know it, what you thought was going well, like the big event, was really a total fiasco. (according to them anyway).

What do you do?  They are volunteers.  You do want to be nice and not lose them.  They have their good qualities.  Some are so bad you just want to … well let’s not go there, it’s turning out to be a nice day and we wouldn’t want to ruin that.

However, there are those that are genuinely concerned and have something constructive to say. If we treated them like the chronic complainer  we will loose them. So treat every complainer with some discernment and grace.

Here are 7 things you can do to reduce complaints

1 – Genuinely care, they can feel it.  I know sometimes that’s a whole lot easier said than done.  However it can be done.  Chase God down for this.  He has all the love you will need.  

2 – Remain present in the situation. No mental vacations when they start.  Give them your full attention. Listen to them, they could be right and you could be wrong!

3- Under promote and over deliver. Set realistic expectations with them. Keep your promises.

4 – No “ick” face!! No “Ugh” face either.  And especially forget the “oh no, not you again” face.

5 –  Ask them to pray for you.  Yep, stick your hands out as if asking for prayer and let them pray for you right then and there.  If they aren’t wiling to bring this to God right on the spot, then there is something else going on.  While they are praying your asking God for two things “is it true?” and “wisdom and a love for this person”

6- Recruit them to help.  (unless it is really severe and need an altar call instead) You could say “I appreciate your eye for excellence, that’s a good suggestion.  Maybe next time you can volunteer to do that for us.”

7.  Whatever you do, don’t dismiss their complaint because you think they don’t get you or because of their age, gender or new in the faith.  That’s the business end of pride and who wants that!  If one person is a constant complainer that’s one thing, but if a number of women from different circles are, take note.  Something is going on!