Being Creative is Not Enough, we need to finish what we start.
Having a team that can come up with some unique and on the money idea’s that can’t finish is no better than a team that can’t come up with any new idea at all!
So, what can we do to ensure our team can finish strong.
  1. When planning the event, the fund raiser, the ministry start from the end and work backwards. 
  2. Motivation motivation motivation. Make finishing something they WANT to do.  
  3. Keep the eye on the prize.  It’s easy to get distracted by all the details, and we should strive for excellence.  However, at the end of the day, we want to finish.
  4. If the team, or members of the team are not known for finishing well, then maybe have them take on smaller projects at first.  
  5. Identify some finishing “killers” 
    1. Lack of clarity on what finishing looks like
    2. It’s not going to be good enough.  Is it ever going to be good enough for some?
    3. Fear of getting out of the comfort zones and into the splash zone.
    4. Insecurity about stepping out and on display for the whole church to see and they fail.
  6. You are who you hang out with.  Get some finishers on the team, or invite them to speak to your team.

Got some suggestions on “Finishing Strong” we would love to hear it!! Leave a comment.