Ways to Focus on Momentum, not Motion
Too many leaders confuse motion with momentum. We can all be super busy, but is anything getting done?  Leaders with constant motion, without any momentum will stunt, sometimes even kill, a ministry. 
So how do we fight this and get some real momentum going?

Measure results, not work.  
Have a plan developed around results that are measurable and quantifiable. Ask why your doing the event, the particular outreach, fellowship? and then ask what results do you want from that event?  If your doing an event for just the sake of doing the event, that might be a clue of a busy ministry without momentum.  Where is the event going to take you?  If you want to see the community impacted find a way to measure the impact. 

Your greatest asset is people. 

Relationships are key! A momentum killer is when you perceive people as a liability. 

Count the Cost

Growth and momentum gets stunted when we think the cost is too high.  I’m not talking about money here.  Get some quality commitments from many people. 

Ask God! 
You would think this was a no brainer in ministry, but you would be surprised.  Once you get a Word from Heaven, faith is in play! Move on it, trust it. God’s not your assistant here, you are His.  Sometimes we have an event for Him. Meaning, we plan all this stuff to do and then we hope God shows up when the doors open. We even pray those “red carpet invitations to God” at the beginning to of the service. Maybe God want’s something done event wise for the community? Maybe God wants to hold a service and invite people to it.   These are the only kind of events I like to do.  The one God orders. 

Communicate action.

 Inspiring people isn’t enough to change the world.  Inspiring them and clear action steps will!  People understand whats being communicated and the speakers point of view. They hear the vision and they love the vision. That’s not enough if they don’t know how to effectively apply steps to attaining the vision. If you want to hit the anointed home run in your ministry go back and see how easy it is for your team to apply what you’ve taught.