Ministry can be enriched with ingredients that promote growth. Immediately upon hearing the term “growth” images of  bringing as many people as possible and ways to retain them comes screaming into our already crowded mental to do list. That’s not the growth I’m discussing today.


The people that God has placed around you are there to be nurtured and developed.  If we are faithful to not only be God’s hand extended to them, but also to fostering them into their God given purpose, talents, gifts and possibilities God will send more. This is growth. Remember not everyone is called to full time ministry, so developing them in their area of influence is aligning them with God’s plan.  
Growth comes with a price.  Here are some ways to keep the cost down and still enrich the ministry to nurture growth individually and corporately.
Invite outside experts to come –  Find an expert in whatever direction the ministry is taking and bring them in. If it’s outreach, get an evangelist. If you have mom’s get a Mommy expert in to encourage them (if you have a youth group and the mom’s are not attending church, this is a great resource for them)  If  you have unemployment issues bring in a Job Coach.  ( I know a really good  one)  It may be cheaper to bring the expert to you than it is to attend a conference. I personally know a lot of women speakers/leaders and experts that would come just for the travel expenses and they don’t mind if its 5 people or 250. I personally like the smaller groups, more room for connection. 
Get them to a conference– In Florida, I have only a couple of conferences I promote to the whole.  I try to get as many people I can to attend them.  The first is a free day event (Hope Tour) and the other is3 day/2 night retreat (Fall Breakaway).  I don’t believe in conference junkies and that’s another post altogether. I do believe in road trips. They will see the bigger picture, they will realize they are not alone.  There are other conferences, that are specific in nature, send just one member to it. You may have to flip a coin to see who goes, but be willing to pay for them to attend. The only catch is they have to bring back what they learned and teach it to the rest. 
this is a two part post so come back tomorrow to finish the list.