Making Connections

Look, it’s  pretty important in ministry to actually meet people.  I know, I know, what about the old saying about a baseball field and some ancient ball players “If you build it they will come.”  That’s called an “attraction model.”  You just make the time, date and place put out enough flyers they will come, right?  
The only danger and problem with this scenario is:

You seem to only attract people similar to you.  The flyer, the event, the ministry is tailored around what you and your gang likes. So the people that are drawn to it are your kind of people.  If you notice in the baseball (Field of Dreams) movie the guy attracted baseball people, players and fans. 
What about meeting people that aren’t necessarily like you? God has given each one of us a sphere of influence, your family, your friends, your neighbors and your co-workers.  Make a list of them.  How many of them are really just like you?  I have some family members that are nothing like me, and I have some family members that are way too much like me.  What about your neighbors? Other than the fact you live on the same street, are you guys fairly alike?  I know on my street we are the youngest family, the only family with kids.  Yep, we are nothing alike, they aren’t going to like and go to the things my family likes and goes to.  
Yet, in all of our differences we by the “Great Commission” we are to go out and meet people. We are to connect. I’m not talking about communicating to people, some people talk way to much anyway.  You ever get around someone that just can’t stop talking, and your eyes glaze over?  They are communicating but they aren’t connecting.
Connecting is about relating and identifying with people in a way that influence is in play.  

They will influence you and you will influence them. The more value we bring to that relationship, whether it is with people, a family, even a community, the more influence we will have. That value is in the connection!  We are salt and light!
Stay tuned tomorrows post will be about the basic principles to connecting to people.