On another post, I discussed when and why overcommitting works.  Check it out to really get a grasp on this whole concept of making overcommitting to work.  In later post I will be sharing about when overcommitting goes wrong.
If your going to overcommit at least do it right.

Here are some simple guidelines to help you stay on track when overcommitting
Be wise about what you are overcommitting to.  

If God has told you to do it, go with a green light.  If it is something that  hits your vision and passion square between the eyes then by all means proceed. If it is sort of what your vision or calling is, yellow light use caution and have an escape plan.  If it has nothing to do with the main thing of you, then red light. Stop right there and use the anointed “no!”  Remember God wants you out of your comfort zone and depending on Him.  So choose things that will stretch you and challenge you a bit. 
Overcommit a little at a time
The challenge here is figuring out what you and your team is capable of and go for just a little bit more.  Remember a bunch of baby steps adds up pretty quick.  
Overcommit to things you and your team love to do, it’s stimulating and motivating.
It will energize the team and provide a forward momentum when they accomplish it. Who wants to be overcommitted to something no one wants to do in the first place?
Ruthlessly interrogate your calendars 
Watch out for any filler stuff like unessential meetings. If it’s not part of your calling, doesn’t align to your vision, or has nothing to do with your passion, get it off your calendar. 
Put some margins in your plan.  
You know the saying if something can go wrong it will go wrong. Allow for this in you and your team. Be flexible like water with your team.     Purposely prepare for extra time, resources, or people in the planning. 
Be open and honest about the overcommit right up front
Let them know this is one of those things you feel is “overcommit” worthy and why you feel that way.  It’s better to say it in the beginning and get the team’s commitment.  They will appreciate it when the rubber meets the road.
Chase one chicken at a time
Have you ever seen someone chase too many chickens at once and end up empty handed.  Focus on doors God opens, they ignite passion in you and the team. Chasing down every opportunity could have you overcommitted in way to many areas.  Overcommitting in one area is a whole lot easier to fix than overcommitting in every area.  When that happens you only end up with mediocre results. 
Got any suggestions to add to this list that works for you?  Leave a comment.