Here are some habits or lifestyle choices that could help you get out of going around that same old mountain of overcommitted.
1 – Learn to hear God’s voice.  This is a fundamental basic and I don’t know anyone other than Jesus that get’s this right every time.  I believe learning to pray, and learning to hear God’s voice are the two paramount disciplines that no matter where you are on the planet you will be more than a conqueror.  When you start discerning God’s voice, you will be less likely to commit to anything that God hasn’t asked you to do.
2 – Spend some time becoming a master at the one thing you are called to do.  This is time well spent, and after a while tasks in your area of calling will come a lot easier.  This doesn’t give you a short term release, but in the long run a very wise investment of your time and money.  Go to conferences, get plugged in with a group like yourself, and read, read, read.  This will produce greater effectiveness in your ministry.
3 – Train yourself to visualize from beginning to end and back again.Visualize what is exactly being asked of you.  Find out what the desired outcome looks like before you even begin to start.  Clarity in this will  help you to say “yes” or “no” 
4 – Say “NO” more often.  If your being asked to do something that doesn’t align with your calling, vision or passion say NO!  If this thing, this event, this task isn’t important to you why say “Yes!”  Especially if it isn’t important to your team then why say “Yes!”  
5 – Get into the habit of living within your margins Have you ever seen someone totally ignore the margins on notebook paper. Who can or wants to read that?  The margins are there for supplement, for mistakes, for extra doodling.  The margins in your money, your time, your energy are there for those surprises we never account for.  

Have you got a sure fire way to keep you from overcommitting, leave a comment.