I used to freeze up in front of people, one time I peed on myself I was so nervous. Yep, that was embarrassing.
Through God’s grace and mercy I now speak sometimes 4-5 times a week. This is an area God has recently placed me in so I’m learning as much as I can about it. Presenting in front of people is something we can always get better at. Here are some tips some mentors have given me that really help.


1- Get rid of the same ole same ole.  Change things up.  Do something different next time.  There are times I sit instead of stand. Normally I am a pacer, but when I really want to connect, I mean really want to build a relationship with my audience I sit down.  Sometimes I have to speak on the same thing over and over again, I change it up (same message different delivery) so I don’t get bored with it!
2 – Put yourself out there and share your big dreams. It will inspire someone do something big too! Introduce something new, something outside the box, let them in on what’s going on.
3 – Show your curiosity and passion.  If something gets you excited enough to jump up and down, it will probably motivate others to get excited too.  
4 – Tell a story!  I practice these stories on my kids, they have heard them all.  Stay up to date with your stories.  And more importantly let your stories have a point!
5 –  Mention your heroes! Bring up your heroes and why they are your heroes. It reflects your core values and it helps people know what is important to you which builds connections. You can mention other people’s works, ideas even their preaching.  
6 – Lose the ego! Listen to yourself and count how many “me” “myself” and “I” you have.  Be transparent with people, you can mention your failures too.  I personally would love to go to a conference called “FAILED!”  and then listen to women of faith discuss their biggest fails.
8 – Laughter is  good medicine. You never know someone might get healed.
9 –  No reading your presentation.  
10 – No stealing time.  Be respectful of the time allotted you.  Be a good steward of other people’s time. 

11 –  Whatever feeds you will feed them.  Study your Bible for you. Some of the best sermons I have ever preached were the ones I preached to myself. 

12 – There’s a difference between a sermon and a message from God.  Deliver the message.Sometimes it is just the one line, the one sentence that changes the whole thing.  It could be that one word, delivered at the right moment with the Holy Spirit backing it up that makes all the difference in the world.  We are all in this together.  Each one of us doing our little part, put together makes a bigger picture of God’s love.What’s some of the things that help you when you are in front of people making a presentation?