Taking a risk doesn’t have to be as scary of some people make it out to be.

Yes. there is the unknown when stepping outside the box.The whole “what if’s” scenarios will want to keep you up at night.  Yes, there is a level of apprehension when launching a new ministry. Your faith will go on display for all to see, and you will be a spectacle. Yes, there is going to be some naysayers in the crowd. Every crowd has one or two.  Yes, there is a lack of experience when trying something new. Who wants to sound foolish when learning a new language?

There is something that Jesus gave us for these very moments.  He left it in His will for us.  He bequeathed His peace. (John 14:27)

Taking a risk? Get your peace on!

Part of the armor we are to put on is shoes of peace.(Eph. 6) 

Peace isn’t about flip flops.  
If peace is loosely fitting in our lives, in our affairs, in our emotions we can be knocked around a bit, even out of place.  Peace gives us a sure foundation that we can step out in confidence, without being knocked off track by what we see or hear.

Have you ever worked for someone that would flip out and flop about whenever there was an inkling of a storm arising? Women’s ministry can be like that, women can be a bunch of drama queens.  A leader that stays composed and keeps her peace is a leader people will gravitate to. Why because when the storm hits, she will be the first person they will call. She becomes an anchor, with sure footing.

Peace is so strong and effective it will prevail in any circumstance.
We can plan and prepare too much when taking risks.  There will always be an element of unforeseen circumstances.  There are just somethings you can’t predict. No matter how chaotic it may seem, keep your peace.  Sometimes it might mean “hold your peace.” Get duck tape if you have to.

Peace will keep your legs from getting knocked out from under you. Check the areas of your life, the different areas of the ministry.  Access if there is peace or chaos, or tremors going on in those areas and deal with them. Do you have a pebble in the shoe? Get the pebble out before it injures you or the ministry.

Let peace call the shots. 
The peace of God will protect your integrity.  It will be the umpire when conflicts and confrontation arise in your emotions. The peace of God will be a great referee. Satan can’t play mind games on you when peace is the governor.

Chaos and absence of peace is a sign post, “Danger! You are going off the marked trail.”  Check your life for peace.  Have you deviated from the will of God, are you going down a path of pride, before pointing any fingers and casting blame check yourself first.

Ask yourself and the team:

Do I have peace with God?
If God has been, putting His finger on something deal with it.  Get it that squared away with God.

Do I have peace with others?
If there are people in your life that you avoid, or is there a hurt you might be carrying around.  Maybe  you hurt someone else.  Be the bigger person and get some peace in the relationships.  We are called to be peace makers not peace keepers.  This might mean humbling yourself, but when you do that you attract God’s presence. It’s worth it.

Do you have the Peace of God?
This is that supernatural peace that goes way past our understanding.  God gave this to us as a gift.  When we align our thoughts, emotions and will around God’s promises and His ways we align ourselves with this supernatural Peace.  We will walk in the same authority Jesus walked in.

Q4U: Have you ever worked for Miss Flip Flop or had her on the team?  What would you have done differently? You can leave a comment here.