“Hospitality is something we all can do.”

I was taught hospitality means making it hard for them to leave and easy for them to come back and is a backbone for every event you plan. That statement always intimidated me.  It sounds like such a tall order.  It doesn’t have to be. 

A couple, Tammy and Michelle from It’s a Good Life, takes the pressure out of hospitality and makes it fun too. That makes it a double whammy. Yet there is more! They cook too!  These two are better than a new ginseng knife. 

Here is a short video from  It’s a Good Life.  You know some speakers sing and speak, these two cook and speak, I love it!  First glazing pork chops (grilling pineapples, who knew) and a message! How cool is that!

You can check Tammy Maltby out at her site for recipes, and tips to loving with your life at 
If that wasn’t enough she has written some great books on the subject.  Check them out.  (seriously she is like ginseng knife)

Who is the most hospitable person you know? leave a comment