There is one question everyone is asking.  All the people around you are asking this question and your true character and heart is what will answer it.  Your lifestyle will be your reply.  Your core values will be reflected.  

Are you for me, against me or for yourself?

Look at the all the leaders in your life, coaches, teachers, parents and even employers.   Which of those individuals had the most impact?  I know for me it is the ones that were for me.  They weren’t the most talented or gifted but I felt safe around them. I listened to them, I pursued them, I spent time with them.  Sure I had some people that were for themselves and they made some sort of a dent, but not impact like the first ones.  

Let’s take a look at those around us.  Has the question been answered or is the jury still out?  

Make a list of the people you serve and by each persons name write if you are for them or against them.  Or maybe they are just there to help you and you alone.  Go deep on this, it is an important question.

Then ask yourself how they would answer that question concerning you. 

Jesus’ idea of leadership was really all about answering this question.  To be a great leader we really need to be a great servant. We really need to serve with “I am for you” attitude.

Got someone in your life that has made a positive impact in your life?  Or someone that was just for themselves?  What was it like to be around them? leave a comment.