We have in Women’s Ministry a “must” mandate, it is mentoring.  

I would call it mothering, and we are to do that, however nothing can replace your own mother, and we need to always teach the younger women to respect and honor the mothers, not replace them.  Mentoring by mothering not smothering is the idea. 

We need to get the next generation to dream big about God’s glory!
Let’s take a look at where they are. Let’s get in their shoes and take a look at what their future may hold for them. Not how bad things are, that doesn’t require any faith at all.  But a look at what sort of possibilities are going to be available for them. Then get them to dream big about taking those possibilities and bringing God a ton of glory out of it.  Let’s get them to perceive problems as opportunities. Let’s get them to embrace new inventions as resources and not something to be scared of.  Let’s train them to use the resources they have to bring honor to God’s name. In order to do that WE NEED TO DO THE SAME!

 Let’s not write off Facebook, Twitter and YouTube simply because Lady Gaga uses it.
 We must train them to be the top innovators in their field. How do we do that? Explore possibilities with them, not close a blind eye.  Dialogue about core values in the midst of them.  Walk with them and help identify potholes and shallow thinking.  

In order to pack if we need to know where we are going.  When we mentor the next generation we must train them for where they are going.  We can’t do that if we don’t accept it ourselves. 

Here’s a video to give us a gentle nudge into forward thinking.  To get a glimpse at what life for the next generation might look like. 

What sort of mentoring are you doing? What sort of mentoring will the next generation do in the future?