Have you ever watched the Space Shuttle get off the ground?  

There is a countdown, the astronauts are turning on  the equipment, and then a roaring thunder as it leaves the ground and heads for space.  It’s a sight to see from a distance.  I couldn’t imagine how cool it would be up close and personal. How amazing would it be to sense the excitement, to smell the fuel, to feel the heat and the ground shake, and don’t get me started with being in the cockpit. Yep, your right I wouldn’t mind taking a trip to outer space.
Getting ministries off the ground can be a lot like the Space Shuttle. It’s not one particular department that gets the shuttle off the ground and into space, it’s many components working together. 
When I meet with women’s ministry leaders and pastors there is one comment that always comes up. “Sandy, I love these ladies, they are gifted, loving, give the shirt right off their back, but I just can’t get them up and out.”   It’s the go.  It’s the getting the people we serve to get up off their uh-hem pews and do something. How do we do that?  What is it that gets them up and at them?
Inspiration is the spark.
Unction to function is the equipping.

We are a Go!
How many times have people come back from a conference and seminars all excited and after a few weeks, the excitement is gone and back to same old stuff. There was no movement. We can give an inspiring message on giving (that’s the spark), we can show them how to give (equipping the saints), but if they aren’t moved to live generously giving is short lived.  You see people will only move to the level of their highest commitment. Just so we all understand, strong commits are no turning backs.  It’s not strong proclamations or declarations it’s a direction. Let’s check out a hero of mine, Naomi in Ruth 1:6-22

Naomi gets a big commit!

Here is Naomi in the middle of the worse personal crisis imaginable and gets an unbelievable commit from the most unlikely of person. Let’s review her situation: Her husband moves her away from home into a country totally despised by her countrymen, and totally cursed by God.  Her boys marry two women raised in a country known for sacrificing their children, so much for grandchildren and family.  Her husband and sons die, leaving her to fend for herself and two daughter-in-laws in a foreign country.  

She decides to leave and go back home. She tells the two girls her plans and basically tries to talk them out of following her. One girl kisses her good bye and the other, Ruth, makes this covenant commit to follow unto her last breath.  She commits to go penniless into a country that believes she is lower than dirt, with no options whatsoever.  

Commitment starts with us 

Ruth’s commitment is huge! She goes as far as to say “May God punish me if I allow anything but death to separate us.” WHAT!?? What was it about Naomi that would cause her to do that?  Her character, her inspirational story, her know how in tough times?  All of the above. She got that commit because she demonstrated the kind of character people will follow. The kind of character that people can trust, why? She was honest and transparent about what was ahead. She wasn’t full of herself, making promises she couldn’t keep. Her lifestyle prior to this decision making day backed it up.  

Big commits go the distance

She got a huge commit from half her audience, that’s pretty good. I’d rather have a few huge commits than a bunch of little ones.  I would rather have 5 sold out women of faith at a meeting, a Bible study, a prayer group, than 250 any day. Why? They go the distance! Huge commits take time to get. Start with small commits and be faithful to them.  Adjust the vision and strategies to closer attainable places.Take baby steps to get there, before you know it your there. 

Naomi was committed herself

Naomi was going with or without them. Elijah was going whether Elisha could keep up or not.  Joshua set his face like flint, there was no turning back for this guy.  Jesus was going to the Cross, like it or not Peter. They weren’t willy-nilly with their commitments.  They were commitments they were willing to die for. There might be detours along the way, there might be hurdles, or it could be a cake walk, whatever the case may be it’s how far your willing to commit that inspires others. 

It is commitment that moves people. Your task if you choose to accept it is raise the commitment level. First with you, trust me it’s contagious, then give a call to action to the individuals and then corporately move. 

What kind of character that inspires you to  move? leave a comment