Inspiration is the spark.
We love inspiration.  We flip through interior design books, we sort through the hairstyles, we watch hours of Food Network just for a spark of “That just might work!”  True inspiration, like what we find on HGTV, Hope Tour, and Fall Breakaway is the spark to moving people. It happens so quick we can even miss it.  

Inspiration allows me to say ‘Hey I can do that too!” 

Don’t you just love to get around people that make things seem so simple and then share with you the secret ingredient that pulls it all off? It’s just a spark, but your whole line of thinking is changed. Instead of being overwhelmed with daunting tasks, your seeing possibilities and potential. When we watch others make an overwhelming task seem simple, we are inspired to do the same.  Jesus inspired Peter to walk on water!!. Why? Jesus made it seem possible, He made it look easy. When we do things well, when we start walking in God’s grace we will inspire others to do the same.  

 Inspiration will also add new energy to an already hum – drum process.

 I love inspiring messages for that very reason.  I love to hear about superwomen and their stories. I have a friend that I love dearly, she has cystic fibrosis and in the process of God healing her she has lived in 4 different continents as a missionary.  She inspires me.  When I’m tempted to complain, wallow in self pity, and walk in way too much pride,  I think of her, I spend time with her.  She walks, talks, breathes faith.  It inspires me to persevere and move on when I’m tempted to quit. When we press through we inspire others to press through too.

What inspires you? Where do you go for inspiration? Leave a comment, who knows you might inspire others.

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