Unction to function
Bughatti fastest car in the world isn’t it grand?
The Bughatti is the fastest car in the world.  It has the unction to function in ways no other car can match. However, it isn’t very fast parked in the garage.  It may look sleek and cool, it may have all the best gadgets, the most expensive tires, but if it’s not on the road what’s the point? This car has the unction, the engine to function.  

Our Unction is Grace

 No matter where I go I always get this question “What’s my calling?”  Interpretation – “what are my gifts?” and “what am I suppose to be doing?”   Most people are more aware of their shortcomings and areas in need of growth than their gifting and talents.  They want to know what they are good at and they want something to do.  It’s up to us leaders to help identify area’s of grace, their giftings and allow them to be exercised.  You see once we get inspired we need the unction to function.  Unction is grace. Holy Spirit gifts in action breeds confidence and confidence is crucial to the “go” of a ministry. 

Start your engine!

 Just teaching them equipping theology is not enough to equip them.  They got to get their feet wet and start experiencing Holy Spirit power.  That’s equipping them.  Teaching them about fruit and gifts is not enough, give them an arena to walk in it. Let them experience it first hand. This is one of my favorite times of ministry.  I love watching women I have been encouraging and equipping finally get it and they find the place where God smiles on them the most! They just seem to shine. The look like that car! Amazing! I just want to get me a bowl of popcorn, sit on the front row and say “that’s my girl!”  I believe God does too!

What can you do?

Study the gifts, fruits and the Holy Spirit so you can identify it in others.  Most of the time we study the gifts of the Holy Spirit so we can discover what our gifts are.  That almost borderline pride and selfish ambition.  Study the gifts so you and your team can start identifying them in others. 

 Here is a great resource for any women’s ministry in this Holy Spirit equipping, my friend Pat Holland

What other ways can you equip the saints?

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