A vibrant and thriving women’s ministries looks a lot like a cheerleading squad.   They practice working together, timing out the stunts and the stunts themselves.  They coordinate their moves with each other.  There is no one “Star” of the show.  They are a team.

Flyers and Bases

A cheerleading squad has flyers, girls tossed in the air, and the bases, the girls holding, steadying, tossing and catching the flyers. Each person on the team whether up in the front, or behind the scenes has an important part of the team. Normally flyers are the younger, smaller team members and the bases are the older, stronger girls.  The crowd loves the flyers, especially the ones that seem to say “I can FLY!” Yet it is the trust in the base that glues this team together. 

Flyers and Bases in Women’s Ministry

We all go through seasons, sometimes we base and sometimes we fly. Sometimes we are being tossed out on the mission trip, sometimes we are home praying for them on the trip.  Sometimes we are face to face with the homeless at the soup kitchen, and sometimes we are cooking the soup.  Sometimes we are giving the Word and sometimes we are setting up and tearing down the chairs. Lest we forget that we are to mentor the next generation of believers.  We are to show them how to fly, we are to cheer for them, we are to catch them, even if they don’t do it quite right. And we teach them to catch. 

What season are you in today? If your flying, who is your base and have you thanked them? If you are base, who are you propelling into their destiny?

Here is a poem that I just love to bring this point home.

I Fly

I fly, you know who I am.
You can’t miss me, I’m the one on the top with a contagious smile,
but do you know how I got there?
It took the strength of a powerful base to propel me skyward so
I could perform liberty, arabesques, stretches, tosses and twist
They call me flyer

what do they call you?

I Base

I Base, you know who I am, though you may not always see me .
I support the weight of many, but do you know how I do it?
It took the trust of a Flyer to put her life in my hands so that I may propel her skyward.
I TOSS HER, EXTEND HER, TWIST, POP, and THROW HER, but more importantly I CATCH HER.
They call me BASE.

What do they call you?