Dave, my husband, is a hero.

That’s Dave, taking on wall of fire by HIMSELF!

Just the other day I got this text from him: 

“I went on a code, 41 year old woman, brought her back!”  

That’s my man!  

He went to Iraq and was under fire more than I would like to admit.  The stories of the fire fights, the enemy and the near death experiences are amazing.  

So I asked him  “Dave, how do you remain so calm when things get crazy?  How do you work on a bullet wound when there are bullets flying over your head?  How did you revive this lady when everyone is freaking out?”  

He thought about it, (he takes forever, he is the slowest guy I know) He came back later with some General’s name and these tips, he added some of his own stuff to it.  
Dave’s Tips
Dave fighting a fully involved house fire.
1- Training and drilling are essential.  Invest in what you do, learn it, and learn to do it better every time.  Learn to do it with your eyes closed. It will become like second nature to you.  The more you invest in it the less likely you’ll be thinking about it and the more you will be tuning into the Holy Spirit to guide you. 
2 – 3 Strikes your out is ridiculous. The only way your out is when you quit.  When your in a situation you will either contaminate or inspire confidence.  When your on a code, you keep at it!  If you give up, so will they.  When you go on a scene, there are the onlookers secretly rooting for you to make it all better.  They are the ones quietly praying for you, you can just tell.  There is nothing worse than those guys ceasing to pray.  
3 – When there is nothing wrong there is nothing wrong except there is nothing wrong. Be alert, danger is stalking you. Even God tells you to be careful where you stand lest you fall. The enemy is ready to pounce at any moment.  
Dave (far left)
4 –  Trust your instincts and get some buddies you can trust too.  Your instincts are a product of your education, the things you read, your personality, and your experience.  When seconds count this is all you have. Trust them and act on them.  Face the facts, deal with them, then move on. You are there for your friends, and they are there for you. If you don’t have to fight alone, DON’T.  Include them on the fun too!

Do you have a hero? What makes them your hero? And what advice do you think they will give?