How do we recognizie the difference between wisdom and foolishness?
It’s interesting when you study the book of Proverbs, foolishness and wisdom seem to be doing the same thing, having dinner and inviting you to it.   As leaders we have to make decisions, the wiser the choice the more we will enjoy the outcome. 
But sometimes the line is not easily seen.  Some people have the “angel and devil in the ear theology.”  You know, a little angel in one ear and a little devil in the other ear telling you what to do.  Both making their case. When ever that happens to me I don’t do anything.  God doesn’t work that way.  God doesn’t promote going back and forth.  God doesn’t confuse us.  God makes it simple.  
In Proverbs there is two descriptions of Wisdom and Folly.  Here is a list of some of the things I gleaned to help tell the difference.
1 – Wisdom sets her table out in the open for all to see, Foolishness is secretive and in the dark.   Ask yourself can you follow the choice in public, can you do the thing in front of people? or Will it bring shame and humiliation to you and those you serve if found out? Are you going behind someone’s back? 
2 – Wisdom made all her own food and wine, there was preparation. 
Foolishness stole the food there was no work or preparation involved.  Is the choice going to involve preparation, some work, some discipline. Is it going to involve faith? Is it a get a bunch of something for nothing? Sounds like the Israelites when they sent Moses to the top of the mountain to hear God for them. 
3 – Wisdom offers life, Foolishness death. When I buy online I like to read the reviews.  I want to hear what others had to say. Who is endorsing and who is discouraging, and are we considering the source? Was there life or was there death? Is the prophetic word matching up with Scriptures?  Are we judging and condemning?  Is the message edifying and encouraging?  Are we presenting the Gospel or are we presenting prosperity? Are we fighting for life? 
4 – Wisdom loves correction, Foolishness mocks, insults and scorns correction.  When facing a choice are you willing to embrace correction? How do you handle feedback?
How do you handle criticism?  
What other differences are there?