Where is Jesus right now?  In your heart doing what?  According to Scripture He is at the right hand of the Father interceding.  What an awesome privilge to be asked to join His prayer group.  I say one of the best discipleship tools a church can have is a group of intercessors.

Can you imagine a new believer learning to pray from some of these grandma’s that can pray heaven down within 30 seconds? When you get around these beautiful ladies there is one thing they pray for the hardest, souls.
Here is a passage from Dr. A.T. Pierson, a Presbyterian minister in an address at a Tabernacle in London, the same tabernacle Charles Spurgeon preached at.  This guy was the editor and leader of the Student Volunteer Movement. Written a hundred years ago it really sums up passion for souls.

God’s passion for people, a coal from the Altar
“ There is a secret fellowship with God where we get this heavenly fire.  Kindled within, and it makes personal work for souls easy, natural and a relief and a rest. To linger in God’s presence until we see souls, as through His eyes, makes us long over them with a tireless longing.
This passion for souls is probably the highest product of spiritual communion with God. It absorbs us, and even our own salvation is forgotten in that passionate yearning which made Moses ready to have his name blotted out of God’s book for Israel’s sake, or Paul willing to be excluded for the sake of his brothers.
It seems to me that such passion is the highest form of unselfish love, and the nearest approximation to the divine motive that impelled the Lord Jesus Christ to empty himself of his original glory and majesty and assume the form of a servant enduring even the Cross. 
No man can kindle in himself that celestial fire; it must come from the live coal from the Altar above.”
A longing and a relief

When you get this passion for souls you will begin to long over people, and when you plant a seed or water a seed it will be like a relief in your Spirit.  Let’s pray for that kind of passion.

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