Here are some more practical things you can do to cultivate a passion for what God is passionate about, people.

1 – Specifically ask God to give you a passion for people. 
 Make it a part of your daily communion with Him.  Start praying earnestly for those around you.  Let me warn you though, don’t be a bit surprised you hear God say “you do it.” You feed them, you comfort them, you mourn with them, you sit with them, you be with them, you go to the doctor with them. 

2 – Ask God to give you a sensitivity to others. 
Eyes to see and ears that hear those around you. Just let me warn you with this prayer.  Be ready to see the broken hearted and the downtrodden, it just might ruin you for life, you will never be the same after that. Ask Him to help you discern the hurts, the heart cries and needs of others.

3 –  Ask God to make you spiritually radiant.  

Petition God to transform you so that people won’t see you but see Jesus alone.  Your part is to lean into Him (and not your own understanding) in such a way no one sees you.  Lean into His strength, into His wisdom, into His mercy so that you are hiding in Him. 

4 – Ask for boldness in witnessing 
In case you didn’t know that is the baptism in Holy Spirit. Ask Jesus to baptize you in Holy Spirit power. Ask Jesus for a loving caring spirit of initiative that will help you recognize doors and give you the unction to seize those strategic moments.  Let the passion of and for Christ out weigh any complacency.

5 – Ask God to make you confident and positive.  

Deliver me from fear Lord. The more you speak to others the more confident you will become.  And remember the joy of the Lord is your strength.  This isn’t a joy you try to conjure up when you want to witness. It’s the well of joy, the same well Jesus had.   Just ask God to open up that well in you.  If you are miserable in God, and have a difficult time enjoying God’s creation learning how to witness isn’t your first problem. Let God begin to heal your wounded spirit and let Him anoint you with a garment of praise.  

6 – Put a constant priority on prayer.
Prayer is the key.  You have not because you ask not. To all the previous points ask Him. Talk to Him about boldness and His opinion of it and what it looks like with your specific personality.  Talk to Him about being confident and what the scriptures say about it. Talk to Him about His passion for souls and why.  Talk to Him about sensitivity, talk to Him about the gifts He gives us to address the needs of others. Have an ongoing conversation about it. Ask to hear His heart beat for people, it will absolutely amaze and overwhelm you at the same time.

Q4U: What other practical things could you do?