A comment was made about John Wesley 
“Wesley doesn’t have a monopoly on God, God has a monopoly on Wesley.”  I love that!

Sometime we look at these speakers, or anointed women of faith and think there is something super spiritual about them. It’s almost like we sometimes look at them like they have the corner market on anointing, healing, revival even harvest of souls. No, they don’t have a monopoly, God does.  When we are given over to His things, to His glory, to His anointing, surrendered to His ways, His way of thinking we will see some amazing stuff. 

I love this video for a couple of reasons.  

1) It gives me hope that all things are possible.  This is the fruit of Pentecost.  It’s not because Reinhard Bonnke, yes he is a vessel. But when asked how did this happen, his answer is always the same.  The people that went to Nigeria before him through the power of Holy spirit  plowed, seeded and water.  This is possible for you! Dream God dreams, then go all out. The next move you make extending God’s love could turn out to be the next “Harvest Joy.”

2) It helps remind me what I am suppose to be doing when it comes to events.  
When asking the “what’s the point of the next event?” I watch this video. It gives me a point on the horizon to shoot for.  Sometimes when we think that the ground is so hard this video can remind us God doesn’t take our efforts for granted. It encourages me to keep going, keep facing the challenges even when I am tired and want to quit.

Q4U:  What event are you planning next?