“Haste makes waste.” 

There are some things we need to slow down on, in some cases even hit the pause button. 

As leaders we can be in such a hurry to get things done, especially if we are those “A type” personalities.  What normally happens is we place heavy demands on people and ourselves. 

Here are some particular areas, not all of them, that we could use a little pause.

1- Fixing people. 

In ministry we want to see everyone whole and healthy, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Everyone has issues in some way. When we rush into getting everyone fixed right now we forget that seeds need to grow, plants need watering and hearts need time for healing. Take your time praying about it and wait for wisdom. Sometimes what we see as an easy fix is really just the tip of the iceberg.  What we do is treat the symptoms and ignore the problem. 

2 – Apologizing

I am a firm believer in apologies. I believe in a lifestyle of being the first to apologize. As a frail human some where down the road you will have to apologize. However, this is a place to pause. Know what your apologizing for. Get to the root of what you did so when you do apologize you can sincerely say “I’m sorry.” Have you ever been the victim, they apologize and a few months later they are doing the same thing again? Argh!  We sometimes want to apologize just to rid of us the uncomfortable nagging we did something wrong. Have you ever had someone upset with you but they won’t tell you what you did? That’s condemnation.  Find out what you did and who you did it to before you apologize. Be careful someone isn’t trying to intimidate you out of your position.  David didn’t apologize to Goliath. 

3 – Going into the Promise Land

You know Moses was offered the Promise land but with one stipulation, no Promiser. Moses wouldn’t go into the Promise Land without the Promiser.  Sometimes we get ahead of ourselves and worse God. This a big reason to pause, let’s not get satisfied outside the presence of God.   Joshua get’s the go ahead, they cross the Jordan, but they paused. It was a great reason to pause, they were circumcised.  Sometimes before we go into the promise land or walk through the door God opens to us, let’s make sure our hearts are circumcised and we desire God’s presence above all else. 

4 – Play (Pause to play who knew)

Sometimes we just need to stop and enjoy life.   I like recreation because it really means re-create. Let me ask you something. Do you think God could have created the entire universe, planet, trees, water, birds, animals and man in one day? Do you think He was limited in His power and that is why it took 6 days?  Okay that’s two questions but you get the point. I believe He took 6 days as an example for us.  We can take our time, go in steps and then pause on our Sabbaths. 

Q4U: What are other times we have cause to pause?