Philippians 3:14 I press toward the mark for the prize of the high calling of God in Christ Jesus.

Tug – A – War

Sometimes life can be so overwhelming with problems, storms and whatever else the enemy can cook up – our hearts can get overwhelmed.  The thought of Heaven is a welcomed relief. 

Paul, in Philippians 1:23,24 opens up his heart in complete transparency. He reveals an inner struggle. He want’s to leave and go to heaven, the desire to be with Jesus was overwhelming.  He even states it’s far better in heaven.  Can we say ‘Uh-duh.”  Here is Paul, in a prison in Rome, beaten again, blamed again, accused again, shamed again and there is a battle in his heart. He sees his relief in going to heaven, an eternity of love and intimacy with the Magnificent Savior. He sees an eternity of no more hate, no more persecution, no more injustice, just love, mercy and light.  That’s huge for anybody.  In today’s language he was wanting to say “I’m done.” 

Yet, he has this tug to stay?   Really Paul?!  What on earth could pull Paul in any direction other than Heaven itself?  What weighty matter pulled on him to “abide on earth in the flesh a little longer?” (Phil. 1:24)
Unfinished business
Paul knew His ministry had some unfinished business.  He still had work to do in the kingdom.  That is why he wrote in Phil. 1:24 “to abide in the flesh is more needful for you.”   Paul has this extraordinary love and desire to fullfill all of his duties here, one being to love people and this desire out weighed the desire for Heaven itself! That’s extraordinary.
He compares this unfulfilled desire to a runner.
He gives a word picture of a foot racer so stretched out that his entire body is arching and aching forward as his arms reach out to the finish line.  He wasn’t slowing down, or taking it easy he was putting forth all his efforts to this one thing.  He wanted to finish his life here to the very last breath, doing what God had called him to do.  He had one thing on his mind that prize.  
The Prize

Have you ever watched a race and the guy you picked to win actually wins? We are all over the place when that happens.  Everyone knows you picked the guy who won. How? Your not hard to miss.All the exuberant shouting, jumping, and hugging is a clear sign you were rooting for the winner.  I see Jesus doing that for us, not only when we step into major accomplishments in our lives, but when we step over the final finish line. I see Him jumping with this mile wide grin shouting (he will have to – all of heaven, the great cloud of witnesses are shouting too) “WELL DONE!! My good and faithful servant.”   That’s the prize.  

Let’s not stop running our race till we know we have done everything Jesus has asked us to do. 
Let me introduce to you a racer.

Wendy Hargrove –  This lady has her eye on the prize.  She has so much to do for the Kingdom of God and she gives it her all. She ministers with full surrender to her calling, edging closer and closer to the finish line. I have no doubt all of heaven is cheering her on. 

  As an Ordained Minister with the Assemblies of God, Wendy has served as a Women’s Ministry Leader within her local church body, where she fulfilled her passion for teaching, equipping and mentoring women into understanding who they are in Jesus Christ and releasing them to “go” and walk out their own God-inspired purpose.
She continues in her quest as she crosses denominational lines and cultural stereotypes, believing that “all” women are called of God to be radical, world-changers for the gospel of Christ.
You can read her blog here:
She will be tommorows guest blogger giving us some insights to event planning. 

Q4U: What do you do to pace yourself during this life race?