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Every Women’s Ministry leader knows and understands that “Events” take up a big chunk of their job description to-do list. For those that are skilled, talented and into the tiniest of details, this is the fun part of their job. For others, this can be an overwhelming and unforgiving task.
     As a leader, you need to ask yourself some very important questions before planning your next event:
What is the purpose of this event?

     All events should have an intended purpose. Salvation of souls should rank as number one in your purpose category. God has placed you into position so that you would influence other women for the Kingdom of God, not just to entertain them. The entertainment factor may be what draws them to the event, but once they arrive, ministering to their spiritual needs should become your main focus.
Who is your target audience?

Look around your church and take inventory of the type of women that attend and plan your events accordingly. A “Women’s Tea” may be a huge success if the majority of women are a bit older in age, but may fall flat on its face if you have a younger congregation.

     Next, look outside the church and take inventory of the needs of the women in the world. What can you offer that would draw them to your events? A “Mommy and Me” group, a “Grief Recovery” group, or even a “Friday Night Coffee Chat” group.    
What is the expected outcome?

Continuing an event just because it has become a tradition is a dangerous trap to fall into. Think outside the box. I understand that there might be a group of ladies that would be appalled if the annual “Women’s Tea” didn’t continue, but if you are not drawing in unsaved, un-churched women to the event, then you need to reevaluate your methods. Your expected outcome should always be about salvations and deliverances. If these are not taking place, then you may need to change some things around. 

One day when you stand before Christ, you will be held accountable for your ministry position and whether or not you sought after lost souls. You will not be questioned on what type of events you held or how many women attended the events. God’s only concern is about how many women came to know Him as their Lord and Savior, and how many were set free from the bondages that held them captive.

Always keep the end result in mind. That will set the stage for successful, life-altering events that will grow bigger and affect untold numbers of souls for the glory of God.
When planning events always:
Pray – ask God for divinely-inspired ideas that will reach lost souls and minister deliverance to saved individuals.
Seek – advice and ideas from others on your team.
Look – outside the box and try something new.
Open – your eyes to the needs around you, and strive to meet those needs.
Remember – your expected outcome and plan accordingly.
Give – God the glory!

Q4U: Do you have any suggestions for an outreach event for the community?