Those that go before us, pave the way.

Fall Breakaway 2011 is around the corner.  
I know I talk about Fall Breakaway a lot.  

Here is why.  

When Nadia went to the Olympics and was the first gymnast to get a perfect 10 it was exciting, and particularly inspiring.  I wasn’t a gymnast nor any aspirations to be one.  However I just couldn’t shake what it must have felt like for her. I couldn’t shake the image of a this girl doing something no one else had ever done before and I was apart of it.  I was watching when it happened. 

 Can you imagine what it was like to be there, to be in the audience when it happened?  I watched it in my living room with my family, the whole family on the edge of our seats, at one point all standing. It was exciting but what if we were in the actual room during that defining moment in Olympic history. 

The atmosphere of expectancy breeds miracles. 

Fall Breakaway is one of those ticking bombs for miracles. I have been to Fall Breakaway for the past 3 years and every year something monumental happens.  I have looked back and was glad I was apart of it.  

Marsha Woolley (PenFlorida Women’s Ministry Director) has brought in guest that are trail blazers for women and for Women’s Ministries!  They are paving the way for you and me.  To be all that God has called us to be.  We can sit back and say “I’ll read her books.” or “I’ll watch her on YouTube” even say “Our bible study will do one of her series.”   But Fall Breakaway is being in the room when history, your history is being made. 

You see now that I’m older I realized Nadia paved the way, for more perfect 10’s. 

I’m not saying only aspiring speakers, authors or ministers come to Fall Breakaway.  I didn’t want to be a gymnast when I grew up, but I was still inspired when I watched her. Fall Breakaway is about becoming a woman of faith, influence, full of love and compassion, that will face the injustices of this world like a superhero.  
Fall Breakaway 2011 is approaching.  It’s not too late to for you to come.
Registration and room reservation
 is one phone call away! (Yep the price includes both)
Call today and let Jennifer know you’re coming!

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