Don’t you just love people who try to win people to the Lord and they are more miserable than you are? Ugh who wants that? Or people that think of a lost person as just another notch in the belt. How careless with God’s love?

Jesus doesn’t think that way.  When you spend a lot of time with Jesus you won’t think that way either.  When you spend time with Jesus your life will be full of His love and compassion.  His joy is contagious.  

His joy wins me 

The closer I get to Jesus the more I realize how much I truly needed Him, and how much He truly loves me.  I want to share that. I can’t give something I don’t have. The more I seek Jesus the more I find grace, mercy and particularly love.  I more I study justification by faith, the more joy I experience.  

I don’t have to work to be justified, I don’t have to pray harder, I don’t have read the Bible umpteen hours a day, I don’t have to be someone I am not.  It takes a huge load off.  Does it mean I don’t pray hard, I don’t read my Bible? Nope.  I do pray hard for others, I do read my Bible a lot.  I do so because I enjoy it.  I enjoy spending time with Him.  The more I do the more I like it.  He has drawn me into this place with Him that I enjoy. I don’t have to work joy up.   His joy wins me – body, mind, heart and soul. 

His joy wins others

When we begin to truly understand the real meaning of the Gospel, we can’t help but tell others.  When we see clearly the Gospel as Good News, we want to share it.  The Good News applies to every situation and it’s the good news that brings joy to the broken, the sick, the captives.  When our hearts are captivated by Him, we can’t help but share it.  Sharing that joy with others will set them free too.  We won’t win to many people with theological arguments, in fact I haven’t met one yet.  Joy, His joy will. 

Let me introduce you to “Miss Joy Divine

Deanna Shrodes –  I really connect with her because she likes winning people to the Lord as much as I do. Not only that she likes watching them grow in the Lord as much as I do.  You see that is joy in the Lord.  It’s enjoying Jesus doing His thing. There is joy in being a part of Jesus drawing people to redemption. And if that wasn’t enough the amazing privilege of partnering with Him as he transforms very broken people into mighty fierce Victors! It’s joy unspeakable. It’s joy divine 🙂 (she could be mistaken for  Bette Midler so sometimes I call her Miss Divine) Her blog is one of the few I read daily. Incredible insights Check it out

She’s a co-pastor alongside her husband, Larry at Celebration Church of Tampa.  She is a worship leader, songwriter and recording artist.  An accomplished writer, she is also published worldwide in many books, articles and journals. she has been featured in the Pentecostal Evangel, Billy Graham Evangelistic Association’s Decision Today,,, USA Network News, and many more. Her writings have been featured in Jill Briscoe’s magazine, “Just Between Us”, Take Root & Write, Woman’s Touch, Enrichment Journal, AG Women in Ministry Mobilized, Global Pastor’s Wives Network and Shepherdess Magazine.  Deanna also published in Simon & Shuster’s “Chocolate Series” for women.

She is the founder of the Pastoring Partners Network, an organization dedicated to the empowerment and development of women ministers around the world. 

She will be our guest blogger tomorrow. YAY!