by Wendy Hargrove

It’s not to late to get a group to Fall Breakaway
Call your friends (4 to a room makes a fun road trip)
Call the District office (863)683-5726 ext 232 
and in October 
pack your bags cuz your going to Fall Breakaway!

1 – Advertise, advertise, advertise

Spread the word in every area that’s available. Hang posters on the back of the bathroom stall doors so that each time a lady uses the restroom, Fall Breakaway will be in her face. Utilize the typical forms of advertisement like the church bulletins, overhead projectors, verbal announcements, facebook and email. Consider using non-typical forms too, like local radio stations, neighborhood newsletters, and newspaper print. Think about places where women gather together, and post a flyer (with management’s permission). Places like the hair salon, coffee house, gym, and nail salon. Go outside the four walls of the church. After all, the intended goal should be salvation of souls, and if you’re only inviting women within the church, chances are, they are already saved by the power of Christ. Use this opportunity to reach out and evangelize the world around you.

2 – Be excited

If you have attended Fall Breakaway in the past and it was a pleasurable experience, then exude that excitement as you invite others to attend this year. Haven’t you heard that “actions speak louder than words?” If you simply make the announcement that Fall Breakaway is taking place on October 20-22 without adding an air of excitement and expectation, then most women will glaze over with boredom as the word goes forth. Excitement is contagious, and when women see and hear your level of excitement, their curiosity will be peeked and they will want to attend just to see what all the hoopla is about.

3 – Testimonies from last year’s event

Ask your Pastor if he would allow 5-10 minutes to be dedicated to promoting Fall Breakaway. Use that opportunity to ask a few ladies that attended in the past to share what the Lord did in their life while at the event. When we get away from our normal routine and daily stresses, the Lord is able to do a mighty work and transformation in our life and the Lord uses Fall Breakaway as one of those opportunities. Capitalize on the results of those opportunities and allow the women whose lives were changed to share their experiences. 

4 – Approach the unapproachable

Many women sitting in churches around the world are just waiting for someone to approach them and ask them to get involved in Women’s Ministries or attend an event. They are the wall flowers that slip in late, leave early and sit in the far back pew, but deep in their souls, they long to fit in and feel included. Fear and insecurity keep them from stepping forward and volunteering for the smallest of tasks. Women’s leaders must step forward and take the lead in approaching and including these women. You will always have the outgoing, boisterous women surrounding you and your ministry, but the Lord wants to challenge you to look beyond the obvious and reach out and include the less obvious.

5 – Get sponsorships

We live in a day and time where money is tight and priorities are changing. Realize that many women would love to attend a weekend get-away but financial responsibilities over rule their desire. With your Pastor’s approval, consider making a plea for sponsorship opportunities. Someone may want to sponsor someone in particular and others may want to just be a blessing to someone in need. You, as the leader, would have the best idea of who would be the best recipients of this program, and this may be the perfect opportunity to draw the individuals that I spoke about in number four. 

Q4U: Have any Fall Breakaway testimonies?