by Wendy Hargrove
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It’s not to late to get a road trip together.  In fact, now is a great time to get it planned (you know let husband know, get a baby sitter, put a few bucks away).

6 – Make it sound inviting and welcoming

Fall Breakaway is not the place for cliques and small personal groups. If women feel that they will be the third wheel or not fit in, then they will not even consider attending this event. Make sure all ladies are made to feel welcome, loved and accepted, not just for Fall Breakaway, but also throughout the year. Do your best to be inclusive of ALL women, regardless of personality types and differences.

7 – Offer a layaway plan

Start six months prior to the event and begin offering layaway options for women. Allow them to pay a small monthly amount, so that when registration rolls around, they’re all paid up and ready to go. Most women have good intentions of doing this for themselves, but fail to follow through. If you take the initiative, and set this program in place, women will respond positively and enthusiastically. Most would jump at the idea of setting aside $15 a month for six months, knowing that they will get a three day getaway in the end.

8 – Set up a booth

As part of your in-house advertisement, consider setting up a table or booth in the church lobby. (With your Pastor’s permission, of course) Decorate the booth with pictures from previous years, items purchased at the event, and excited, enthusiastic women working the booth. Hands-on, in your face, advertisement may be the very thing that certain ladies need to sway their decision to attend.

9 – Offer incentives

Consider offering prizes or bonuses for attending the event. As an example, for every paid registration, give out a small gift, such as a journal, which could be used to record their experience at Fall Breakaway. Or maybe you could put every registered name in a hat and do a drawing for one or two big prizes. If funds permit, consider knocking off $10-20 for the first five people to register. Think outside the box and consider what would draw you to attend the event and pass that on to the other women.

10 – Dispel fears

Many women, who have never attended an overnight church event with other unfamiliar women, have built up anxieties and fears that keep them from attending. Try to dispel as many of those fears as possible. Consider having a pre-Fall Breakaway party, where women can become familiar with each other ahead of time, room arrangements can be organized and medical and personal issues can be discussed and worked through.
Fall Breakaway is a powerful, transforming event that every women needs to experience. As Women’s Ministry leaders, you should make every effort to include as many women as you can to experience this year’s event……their spiritual life may be depending on it!

Q4U: What other ways to get a group of ladies to an event as big as Fall Breakaway?