“A fool’s lips bring him strife, and his mouth invites a beating.” Solomon

When we are negotiating we gotta know when to keep our trap shut. Cuz the only thing we are trapping is ourselves. 

My dad was one of the best business men I knew.  He could negotiate for hours and get exactly what he wanted.  One of his best techniques was not saying a word. He knew how to keep it shut.  

He had a saying “The last person to speak loses the deal.”  One time while buying a car he didn’t say anything for two hours.  We got the car and it was a great deal.
In Women’s Ministry we need to know how to negotiate. 
Put the Ego in Park
Nothing can take you out quicker than your own mouth engaged with pride.  Once the cat’s out of the bag, there is no putting it back.  Pride loves to talk. A big mouth showing off is a recipe for disaster.  Pride will loose a deal. Why? Because pride tells the salesman how much they got and false humility (pride too) tells how much they don’t got. Pride is not smart, use your brain when dealing with others. 
Lock Down Jabber Jaws
One of the greatest achievements the Bible prescibes is to bridle your tongue.  Speaking before your thinking gets you sinking.  Your words can be your greatest self destruct button.  Know when to keep it tight and let your brain collect the info you need.  Part of being a great conversationalist is being a great listener.  
Put Your Ears on Alert
Become a good listener, that’s why you got two ears and one mouth.  Listening conditions you to gather information before acting or making a decision that will make an impact. You will be much sharper when you are nourished with the right information and honed into a fine point through experience.  Listening helps you discern better.  
Look before you leap, learn before you speak and never put your mouth before your brain. 
Q4U:  Do you have a negotiating tip?