We have been discussing getting territorial in ministry this past few days.

Under New Ownership
Territorial in Church

There is a saying in real estate “location, location, location.” It goes in ministry as well.  
What corner has God anointed you to stand on? If you don’t know let me suggest where to start, the wilderness.


Sometimes we need to be a voice crying out in the wilderness, preparing a way. Isn’t it interesting the voice is in the wilderness and not in the promise land. Jesus didn’t come for the people who are well and know it all. He came for the poor, the blind, the lame, the captive and the broken hearted.  He came to the wilderness of the human soul. 

Here’s an interesting thought: Jesus was baptized by a wilderness preacher.

Mission Trips

We spend thousands of dollars to go on mission trips, normally to some wilderness to be a voice, to be His hand extended. I dare say most people go on these mission trips to find Jesus, to discover the Spirit of God moving miraculously.

They discover God moving not only within the country, but also within their own heart. A move they’ve been missing in their own local church body.  For some reason there is this massive move of God out in some wilderness country. 

Here is another interesting thought: People went to the wilderness to hear John the Baptist.

Promise Land

In ministry, the promise land could be your wilderness. Being called by God could mean your ministry will be like John the Baptist. His life was object lesson for all of us. He was true to form with the other prophets whose personal lives showed the Israelites their plight. Case in point, the prophet who married a prostitute, to show Israel their idolatrous behavior.  John the Baptist showed them their personal wilderness.  

Maybe all the believing women married to an unbeliever can show the rest of us how to faithfully love  unbelievers and live within an unbelieving culture.

Your platform is probably your wilderness 
Right here in a blessed nation are plenty of people suffering wilderness in their minds, their heart, their physical bodies, even in their family.  Maybe even in your own wilderness circumstance you are called to be a voice.

What’s our location?  Are we trying to win souls that are already in the Lambs book of Life?  Are we really getting out to where the people are? Jesus stepped out of divine glory (Promise Land) into a frail human body(wilderness), compared to heaven, earth was His wilderness. 

Interesting thought: God set Israel up in the Promise Land so they could bless those in the wilderness. Israel was the point of contact for God’s blessings.  Geographically Israel is surrounded by wilderness.

Q4U: Have you ever felt like a lone voice crying out in the wilderness?  Got any tips for the rest of us?