The Red Sea was an obstacle for the Israelites. It stood between them and well, the wilderness of all places. I believe they weren’t really concerned at that moment what was on the other side of the Red Sea as long as it was not Egypt. 

When Leaders Face the Red Sea
When Moses faced the Red Sea he was in a real pinch.  It wasn’t just the Egyptian Army behind him, try more than a million people following him. This wasn’t a personal Red Sea moment for Moses. It was a nation’s Red Sea.  I could just imagine the pressure he must have felt at that moment.  You know Satan was pulling out all the stops on this guy. 
I have found the battle seems the fiercest when I am on the brink of big things. The enemy seems to pull out all the stops at the thresholds of open doors. The bigger the opportunity the bigger the battle. 
I am the kind of person that has no regard  for my personal safety.  When I go in, I go all in. I get the attitude of “I don’t have anything to lose.”  However when it comes to those close to me I tend to be over careful. 
The pressure is intense at the Red Sea moments because of the people around me, especially the ones that depend on me. If your leading in ministry you know exactly what I am talking about.  

I pray Psalm 69:6 (msg) Don’t let those who look to you in hope be discouraged by what happens to me. Dear Lord! God of the armies! Don’t let those out looking for you come to a dead end by following me.”

The People behind Moses
We all are following someone. Those leaders are facing not only personal Red Sea’s, they face Red Seas that affect all of us. 
Before we jump to any conclusions about our leader’s abilities, step back and look at the Red Sea they may be facing. It’s amazing how many people want to point the finger at their leader’s hesitation and call it weakness. They even have meetings about the “direction of the ministry.” 

It’s easy to reduce a Red Sea to a canal when it’s not your Red Sea. It’s also easy if you listen to the wrong people to turn the Red Sea into an Atlantic Ocean. Let’s just keep in mind Red Sea, Mississippi River, drainage canal or even the mighty North Atlantic Ocean in winter it doesn’t take God any more effort to part it. 
I have the privilege of knowing quite a few women in full time ministry.  Their schedules are crazy, they still have to be mom’s and wives.  They still have to pay bills, and go to the doctor.  That is all before they even get to the ministry part of their lives. Then if that wasn’t enough whatever they write about, or speak about they will do battle about. 
Let’s pray for them today. Personally I prefer prayer partners over financial partners any day of the week. I can always tell when someone is praying for me, the Red Seas don’t seem as intimidating. 
You know the next time Moses lifted up his hand like that Joshua was in the pinch. Hmmm….
Q4U: What do you do as a leader when you face Red Sea?