There is a place that we go in ministry 

Take your shoes off you are standing on Holy Ground

When we get in God’s presence to minister to Him, take your shoes off, the Savior may want to wash your feet. When we get into His presence it’s all about Him, what He wants to say, what He wants to do, where He wants to go.  When we take our shoes off in that place we are recognizing He is Supreme. 

It’s a fear of the Lord. In the days of old, warriors took their shoes off in the presence of the King, or Generals to show they are ready to receive their marching orders. 

People are God’s Prize

Tread lightly with people.  They are hurt and broken.  Be kind and they will repent. Remember to take our shoes off and be sensitive to them. When we are barefoot we know if the ground is easy to run on, or if we need to slow down.  

Sometimes we need to give a corrective word, we need to walk in tough love, we need to be firm and fair that is par for the course.  However, when we do have to take a stand, may we take our shoes off and be senisitive to the ground we are standing on. 

When we minister to others we are standing on Holy Ground, let’s take our shoes off. 

Q4U: What does “take your shoes off you’re standing on Holy Ground” mean to you?