The only kind of drama I like is the kind I pay for. You know a good Broadway show can be so much fun – on Broadway!  Drama outside of the theater is traumatic. Almost everyone experiences at least some form of drama trauma.  

The Plot (Act 1)
I’m not talking about serious traumatic events. I’m talking about the drama over the trivial.  The up in arms over a Facebook status. The downright injustice of picking the wrong color curtain for the office, this is a church you know. The microphone gets muted because the backup singer is holding the mike in a prideful way.  My personal favorite was the drama over a 25$ registration fee that was donated for someone else! 
The Plot thickens (Act 2)
Women will huff and puff all week long over the bathroom floral arrangements. Then they goes as far a make an appointment with the pastor about it.  You know their cousin is a florist and giving their cousin the business will eventually win them to the Lord.  Oh how the plot thickens!  It makes for a mystery and a comedy all in one. However it’s place is on the stage not anywhere else. The challenge here is not to get sucked into it all the while trying to find an end to the madness. 
The Dramatic End (Act 3)
Every good plot has a dramatic ending. The solution to all the conflict. The problem with most drama’s in church there is no endings. It goes on an on, some of these dramas has been going on for years.  Some of the players don’t even know how it started and why they’re even involved.  They lended an ear one day and the next day they are a major player.
I have noticed in theater and in church, the longer the drama plays out the harder it is to find an ending and the harder it is to watch. 

Here is the challenge, find the courage to stand up and say “Cut!” “It’s done, stop the show, it’s over.”  Without an ending the trauma from the drama gets intense. Instead of dealing with just the drama we now have post traumatic stress to deal with, mainly ours.  
The Academy Awards
I sometimes would like to get all the players in one room.  Hand out some Oscars. You know, for the best temper tantrum in a church bathroom, the best Bible Study confession of someone else’s problem, the best “I quit” because I wasn’t allowed to pick the lunch menu. Then hold up a really big “The End” sign. Everyone gets to take their bows and it’s over. I know this would probably just encourage the “drama queens” and lead to more drama because the awards were black and not pink.  
Q4U:  What kind of awards would you hand out if you could?