If you get to thinking you’re a person of some influence, try ordering somebody else’s dog around.

Leadership is about influence.
Here are some thoughts on cultivating influence.  
You will teach what you know but you will impart who you are. It doesn’t matter if you have an official position in the church or not.  The moment you made the “I am a believer” proclamation the whole world started watching you. Be a person of character. What happens is you will cultivate other people of heart and courage. 
Take risks on people and give opportunities to fail or succeed.  If someone comes to you with a dream, an idea or “I was thinking…” do your best to help them attain it. These are the investments that produce big rewards.  
Be a fire starter not a fire fighter. Don’t be known for popping people’s bubble. 
Recognize and reward effort.  The key word here is effort.  Find ways to recognize people’s effort every chance you get.  Don’t be afraid to single people out for their hard work
Be open about your weaknesses and own up to your mistakes.  I’m leery of people that have never apologized. Everyone makes mistakes, but to never admit them makes me uncomfortable.  Admitting mistakes and weaknesses are freeing, there is no role you have to play up to. 
Be approachable. When someone on your team calls or emails you, this is a priority for you. Try to get back to them within in reason. 
Help people achieve personal success. Learn your team members goals and help them achieve it. 
I’m not perfect in these areas. Right off the bat, I can say I need to improve on all of these tips. Most of what I learned in leadership was out of all the mistakes I made.  
Take the time to see how your doing, ask those around you. This takes a lot of courage but it is well worth it. 
Q4U: What other ways to gain influence with your team?