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Works with me as Administrative Assistant, Organizer and Efficiency Expert, give her a map and a bunch of destinations and look out. 🙂 

The theater is a mentor too?

There’s something about the smell of sawdust and fresh paint on a set that feels like home to me. For those who have caught the theater bug, you know what I am talking about. I have been around theater for 18 years. Most of my life. It has taught me more than comedic timing and appropriate attire for the Elizabethan period; it has taught me that everything I needed to know for ministry, I found in theater.

From the start of my theatrical experience, I was a techie. Although I dreamt of being an actress, the directors (also my instructors) mostly wanted me backstage. They were the first to see my gifting and allow me the environment in which to develop and grow in it. I am still amazed at the insights that they had of me. I learned so much in those early days of theater by shear experience alone, not to mention the grace of God. Acting technique was taught in the classes, but technical production, that was completely hands on! I have since come to love all aspects of the theater world, but the technical side is truly where I fit best in it ; the directors were right from the start. I guess, they could be called, my first mentors. They saw in me, something I did not see, and then developed in me that gift they saw.

That’s where ministry fits in. Isn’t that what we are to do in the mentor role? See in the person, or persons, the gifting and talents that they have and allow them the safe place that they could be encouraged to develop in those things? It’s more than training someone else to take over when you leave, that’s not your decision to make, it’s Gods anyway, but it’s really more apostolic, to raise them up in their God given talents and then to release them out to continue on in them in the place God has made for them.

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