Ever wonder what you will say?

Have you always wanted to lead someone to the Lord?  Have no fear God put that desire in you.  Satan surely didn’t suggest it.

Does reaching out to the world personally make you nervous? I used to be petrified. I had an excuse for every opportunity.

His love cast out all fear
I now love to lead people to the Lord. I especially love those moments where they experience the Redeeming Savior. It’s a priceless moment for sure. My life as I knew it was ruined forever when God overwhelmed me with His love.  His love will cast out all fear.

I prayed let the fire, the passion for souls out weigh my complacancy.  This year I have seen more salvations than any other year combined. He answered that prayer with an astounding yes!

I always wanted to see miracles.
Once I started stepping out is when I started seeing miracle after miracle. We not only have a supernatural message, partnering with the Holy Spirit gives us supernatural power. God backs up His word! I also have met the enemy on a daily basis because of it. Well, when you turn the light on the roaches will scatter.  Keep me in your prayers, the moment I mention evangelistic outreach to a group of women all hell breaks loose.

Here are just a few things I have learned in the process that I hope will help you too.

Not everyone is ready
Not everyone I meet do I pray a prayer with. Not everyone I meet do I say something too.  Not everyone I meet is receptive, and not everyone I meet is ready.   However, everyone I meet I do have a chance to plant a seed, maybe even water seeds that have been planted before me.

Be prepared to be interrupted
Those that travel with me get used to the interruptions. It could be a waitress, the lady at the counter at the gas station, or even the shoe salesman, when the Holy Spirit moves I want to move with Him. I’m on His schedule anyway.  God has been very generous with us, we can pause and be generous with people too. I have learned the interruptions are normally orchestrated by God.  I figure if Satan was trying to interrupt me than why not let that plan backfire in his face.

Pray for sensitivity to His desires
Most of the time when we pray about desires of the heart.  What we are really asking is for God to give us desires that will benefit us. I want the desires that benefit Him and His kingdom. His desire is for people!  He desires a connection with people.  This prayer is in total alignment with Him and normally gets answered immediately.  A desire rises up in me to make a connection with a person around me. The Spirit of the Lord wants to make a connection with them. Lately it has been people groups, cities and neighborhoods, Lord help me. (yes keep me in your prayers)

Pursue people with divine perspective
I ask them questions to get to know them, not because I have an alternative motive, but because I genuinely want to know more about them.  You see the Holy Spirit will reveal something about that person that will cause me to love them and want to know them more. I will want to celebrate them.  I don’t see them as another notch in my belt.

If we look at other people with a divine perspective we will begin to see them not as the world sees them, but as God sees them.  Judging people is wrong, God will not show you details about a person so you can judge them, Satan does that.  God will cause you to love them like He loves them.

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