There are witches in the church parking lot.

Two women got together in the church parking lot and began to create a pot full of deadly poison.  They threw in a pinch of this and a pinch of that, cackling with each new ingredient.  They have a victim in mind, however they will take anyone who sips the brew.

Gossip is a form of witchcraft.
Gossip exposes people and even curses them. Gossip will make cases against a person and will even justify their curses to each other by reciting all the infractions.

When we gossip about one another, particularly those God has placed to be your leader, it is leads to rebellion. And rebellion is witchcraft. It is the first rule of the church of Satan.

Uncontrollable Evil is scary

James 3:8 but no one can tame the tongue.  It is an uncontrollable evil, full of deadly poison.

This deadly fountain of poisonous evil venom is scary and when it goes unchecked gets far more deadly.  We thought the movie Friday the 13th, and Halloween was bad.  This is far worse, it’s Nightmare on Church Street.

A record has been kept of all the indiscretions, all the little quirks, all the decisions the person has ever made and like ingredients will be thrown in the pot. A case has been made, now poison to anyone who drinks it.  Poison against this person.  It’s exposing another person’s faults and it’s evil.

Sounds like Satan himself.  Evil always believes it’s right, they don’t have a plank in their own eye. You see evil loves the darkness. Whenever there is a fear of exposure it will point the light to someone else.  Evil is all about pointing the finger and passing the buck.

Even if someone is committing a huge wrong we are to go to them first.  Not to our friends with “I don’t know what I should do about this, I am so broken up about so and so.”  Not to our pastor, not to anyone but the person themselves.  When we run to others first we are exposing them, we are ruining that person’s dignity, their reputation.  We are causing every person we talk to question the person’s integrity. It’s poison to their character.  It’s witchcraft.

A new level of gossip is very subtle and very evil.
Say the person was corrected privately.  The witches will tell others how they corrected their target, how the person is better off, now they said or did something like pray for them, or confronted them.  You see how subtle it is, they have cast a good light on themselves while the light of mistrust is cast on the person.  So they didn’t correct the person publicly, but now everyone knows they were corrected. They are now exposed and embarrassed.

What if everything you repented from God was exposed? What if each Sunday God reveals to the entire congregation everything you did this week, every idle word, every hot headed remark, every moment you grumbled,complained and murmured was announced to the whole congregation? That’s evil.

I do believe in having mature believers around us to hold us accountable especially when we have the potential to be offended, or to bring correction to someone else.  I believe we can go to them about others for one purpose only; to help see if we have a plank in our own eye.  To help us recognize our own lack of propriety. To shine the light to our own darkness. To bring wisdom into our relationships.

As much as I would like to personally smack all the witches in the parking lot on the head, I believe kindness brings repentance. So I have the remedy for the poison.First,  Forgiveness

James 2:13 For there will be no mercy for you if you have not been merciful to others. But if you have been merciful, then God’s mercy toward you will win out over his judgement against you.

If you have been through this, where people have gossiped about you, exposed all you have done, I am asking you to forgive. You did what you could do to correct the problem, right or wrong.  Yet you were still raked over the coals, I ask you to forgive. I am not asking you to deny what was done to you in the church of all places, I am asking you to forgive.  Be set free from the poison.

Next I’m asking you to correct. When you see a witch in the parking lot, don’t drink the poison. Let them personally and privately know it is wrong. Stand up for those that can’t defend themselves.  It’s interesting in Matthew 18 right after the standard for correcting fellow believers was set Jesus gives a parable about the unforgiving debtor.

Q4U: When is it okay to talk about the wrongs against you? Is it okay to be totally open and honest about everything?