What was the scariest costume last night?

Zombies, vampires, maybe Harry Potter.  No. No, I know “Pokemon!”  They still do that right?

The most terrifying costume to ring the doorbell is…(drum roll please)…

The Pushy Salesman.  Can you feel the goosebumps yet?

Worse than having one knock on your door, is being one.  Yep that’s right, of all the jobs I totally stink at is selling. I hate selling.  It’s not for me.

I like the things that sell’s itself but how often does that happen? If you really think about  it someone had to come up with it’s first hooray, before it sells itself.

Selling just feels wrong.  It seems fake and don’t get me started with the pushy part. It’s almost like selling your soul, to make the deal.  I’m not a fan.

It’s seems twice as wrong in ministry, because no one should promote themselves or the ministry, right? It feels dirty to promote yourself to others.

Let’s not be totally naive here.  Someone has to sell.  Someone has to make a website, someone has to make the flyers, someone has to convince others it’s a good deal, someone has to announce it on Facebook.

We are to promote the business God is in. We are to rally people so an injustice can be addressed.  We are to gather around and pray for sick and afflicted. We are to reach out and touch the world.

We need to let the community know the church still exists.  It might not meet in the conventional cathedral like in the days of old, but the church is still alive.

The church could be gathering in a shopping center, a school gym, a coffee shop and even in the living room. It doesn’t matter where, it matters the church is still open for business. God’s business of restoring, reconciling, healing, delivering and even having fun.  Yes, there is fun with believers.  Maybe your hanging out with the wrong believers :).

How do we do that without selling? 

Romans 10:19 And how can they hear about him unless someone tells them? And how will anyone go and tell them without being sent? That is why the Scriptures say, “How beautiful are the feet of messengers who bring good news!”

So we aren’t to be salesmen, we are to be messengers. What a relief that is?  I can now sleep at night.

We all are messengers of not bad news but Good news. How cool is that?

I love you enough to shave my head, color my hair and write on the baldness. hmmm I really do love you!

Think about it the next time you ask someone to come to your church, the event, or even the Bible study.  What is the message behind the invite?

I’m not going to answer this for you.  Ask yourself today what is the message of the ministry your involved in and how are you speaking that to people you invite?

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