Jesus Ask Wednesday
 Every Wednesday will be another question Jesus asked.

Luke 2:49 “Why were you looking for me?”

Joseph and Mary lost Jesus. 
I know it sounds incredible considering all they went through just to have him.  Things like immaculate conception, possible stoning and angels appearing at night scaring the bee-jeebers out of Joseph.  I think they got the point this was God’s son.

Maybe it was nailed home for them when they realized Herod was trying to kill all the babies in order to get to their little Jesus. Or maybe the fact perferct strangers kept showing up to worship him and give amazing gifts.

Life got sort of dull after all the hoop-la was over.  It was routine as usual.  Every year a march to Jerusalem for the big Passover Conference and every year a march home reeling over all the festivities, long lost friends and relatives. Oh, and who could forget celebrating their escape from Egypt?

Then their worst nightmare, Jesus was gone.  They no longer heard his voice, they no longer could feel his tug on their sleeve, there was an empty place at dinner. They walked out of town without him.

The poor couple lost their son, God’s son. I can hear the relatives now “What?! You lost God’s son? I told God you weren’t the couple for the job. I told Joseph you were no good.”

Mary, panic stricken finally finds him at church, of all places.  They are met with “Why were you looking for me?”

Why were they?  Was it because of appearances?  Was it because they needed a Word from God?  Was it because they had responsibilities to this person Jesus?

Was Jesus pointing out if they knew Him, they wouldn’t have lost him in the first place?  If they knew Him, they would have went to the church three days ago.

Whatever the reason was, they missed it.  They missed a move of God.  Jesus went one way and they went another.  Sometimes we miss the Holy Spirit moving.  Sometimes we can go months without even realizing it.

The day I realize I somehow got out of step, is never a good day.  My heart sinks.  I retrace my steps, I ask things like what was the last thing I heard Him say?  What was the last thing He asked me to do? Did I do it?

Panic Time

When was your last freak out session?

I’ll be honest with you I get in a panic.  I can’t think of anything else.  I am not satisfied till I find Him. I seek the Scriptures, I go to church, I pray fervently. When it’s to no avail it’s downright panic time then.

Then there is the quiet voice “Why were you looking for me?”

Was I in a panic because I need provisions, I needed protection, I needed a promise?  Was I seeking Him because if everyone in church got wind I wasn’t hearing from God what would they think? Was I seeking Him because I had responsibilities in the church and God forbid I did them without Him? Or was it because I loved Him so much I couldn’t go another second without Him?

When I was just a baby believer I was chasing God for His hand and only His hand. Yep, I had freak out sessions when I couldn’t find His hand. You know what? That was fine with Him.  I needed His hand, I needed His care, I needed His healing, I needed His provisions.  That’s how He got me to trust Him.

But there came a day, he asked “Why were you looking for me?”  It was grow up day for me.  Like Joseph and Mary it was the day He took our relationships to the next level.

I know he is calling out the big girl in me when He asks “Why were you looking for me?

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